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General advice on how to get a job in Japan

A general advice video fron Andrew Marston. “Here’s the method I used for getting a job in Japan that was quite successful. After three interviews I had offers for four positions. Please realize, also, that most jobs acquired by foreigners in Japan are English teaching positions. Side note: Having a bachelors degree is almost a must in order for the Japanese Immigration Office to grant you a visa.” He does mot mention Interactive Selection or the games industry but it is worth watching.

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  • I came to Tokyo about 2 months ago and while I’ve been here, I’ve been curious about game careers. From my limited exposure it seems that game employees in japan are paid half as much and works twice as long, which really means they’re making 1/4th the money, right? I love Japanese games so this was disheartening to hear. I don’t consider myself lazy but I do like to maximize my income for the amount of hours i work. Overall it just doesn’t seem worth it. I’m interested to know if more well known studios like Square or Kojima pay more than other studios. It would be helpful to see information comparing American and Japanese work cultures, benefits, work hours, and salaries. I need some graphs. Graphs!