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Interactive Selection welcome new entertainment industry employers seeking key staff in 2014

As the economic recovery continues, are you expanding your team in 2014? Hiring just one key role, quickly, can bring significant benefits.

Make use of an award winning global recruiter like Interactive Selection with 17 years of experience in the interactive entertainment sector across all territories to find that key member of your team speedily and [...]

Meet Giles Goddard and Dylan Cuthbert, 2 British expats making games in Kyoto, Japan

The Pixel Junk games have garnered runaway success on PlayStation’s downloadable service, but the Kyoto-based studio was founded by a pair of British expats, Giles Goddard and Dylan Cuthbert. Here is their story.

Interview with Interactive Selection placed Jaymin Kessler of Q-Games

Interactive Selection placed Jaymin Kessler at Q-Games in May 2008. Following on from our last post here at Games Jobs Japan we have another interview about the problems and benefits of working in Japan. Having previously worked at a number of North America companies, EA and Hypnotix, he made his move to Japan where he [...]

Interview with Brandon Sheffield, Writer, designer and Editor, Game Developer magazine

Brandon Sheffield has worked on a number of projects with Japanese companies. Though he never resided in Japan, his work has seen him involved in both roles as consultant and writer. He offers a different perspective to our previous interviews, partly in that the companies he worked a long side were far more traditional and [...]

Interview with Chief Artist of Q-Games, Yutaka Kurahashi

After a number of recent posts from foreigners working in Japan our latest interview has a slightly different face, that of Yutaka Kurahashi, Chief Artist at Q-Games. As a Japanese employee working along side foreigners in Japan he provides a good counter point to the discussion of issues to be tackled in a mixed work place, from [...]

Interview with Ariel Angelotti of Kyoto Game Developer Q-Games

Q-Games is a Kyoto based game company that was founded in 2001 by Dylan Cuthbert. As a Japanese based company Q-Games is notable for being composed primarily of foreign employees – several of which have been introduced by Interactive Selection, with only 70% of staff being native to Japan. The remaining 30% are a diverse group, [...]

Games Jobs Japan: Nine Things To Remember About Japanese Business Culture

Japan is famous for being polite and ordered. This of course flows over into the work environment, and while foreign staff members are often allowed more leeway, it is still important to have a good idea of the difference in work culture.Any big company will have its own ethos, especially in a progressive industry like [...]

Meet CyberConnect2 from Fukuoka Japan, developer of Narruto Shippuden - ultimate Ninja Storm 2

CyberConnect2 from Fukuoka, Japan is the developer of Narruto Shippuden – ultimate Ninja Storm 2. President and CEO Hiroshi Matsutama shows us around his studio. We get to meet Game Director, Yuki Nishikawa, and Lead Designer, Yokei Ishibashi who talk about making the art for the games. Watch the full video that follows:

Visas for Anime & Manga & Gaming Jobs in Japan

This video from the TheJapanChannelDcom just emphasises that it is still difficult to get visas at games comapnies in Japan. Your best bet is always to work with a specialist games agency like Interactive Selection with a track record of finding jobs for programmers and a few other specialist roles in Japan. There are a [...]