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Interview with Interactive Selection placed Jaymin Kessler of Q-Games

Interactive Selection placed Jaymin Kessler at Q-Games in May 2008. Following on from our last post here at Games Jobs Japan we have another interview about the problems and benefits of working in Japan. Having previously worked at a number of North America companies, EA and Hypnotix, he made his move to Japan where he [...]

Interview with Ariel Angelotti of Kyoto Game Developer Q-Games

Q-Games is a Kyoto based game company that was founded in 2001 by Dylan Cuthbert. As a Japanese based company Q-Games is notable for being composed primarily of foreign employees – several of which have been introduced by Interactive Selection, with only 70% of staff being native to Japan. The remaining 30% are a diverse group, [...]

Games Jobs Japan: Nine Things To Remember About Japanese Business Culture

Japan is famous for being polite and ordered. This of course flows over into the work environment, and while foreign staff members are often allowed more leeway, it is still important to have a good idea of the difference in work culture.Any big company will have its own ethos, especially in a progressive industry like [...]

Visas for Anime & Manga & Gaming Jobs in Japan

This video from the TheJapanChannelDcom just emphasises that it is still difficult to get visas at games comapnies in Japan. Your best bet is always to work with a specialist games agency like Interactive Selection with a track record of finding jobs for programmers and a few other specialist roles in Japan. There are a [...]

Gamers Voice in Japan - Justin Wong, Sega Club & Tekken 6

World fighting game champion Justin Wong joins Games Voice on their Japan quest for shopping, Club Sega & Tekken. A good introduction to the world of games on the streets of Tokyo in Japan.

General advice on how to get a job in Japan

A general advice video fron Andrew Marston. “Here’s the method I used for getting a job in Japan that was quite successful. After three interviews I had offers for four positions. Please realize, also, that most jobs acquired by foreigners in Japan are English teaching positions. Side note: Having a bachelors degree is almost a [...]